Sierra Sport Had Heavy Impact Damage

This Sierra Sport had heavy impact damage, a bent frame and bent exterior panels. The decals were no longer available and had to be custom made.

Our technicians are veterans in the repair of RV fiberglass damage. Our RV body shop is equipped with all the top-notch tools in the market designed specifically for this purpose. We cater for all types of RV damage repair especially those caused by collisions. Damage to your RV must be repaired immediately if moisture and debris is to be stopped from creeping in, and causing further damage. RV owners should not have to go through the stress of dealing with damage to their RVs alone. We are here to assist you in finding the best solution for a fair and prompt repair. We are the leading professionals in RV repair. Our level of expertise cannot be matched anywhere.

We not only specialize in all types of repair, but also construct parts that are unavailable or hard to find. Every job, regardless of its size, is given our complete attention. We are here to serve you and we guarantee customer satisfaction for every job that we undertake. We work closely with many insurance companies and are the direct repair facility for select insurance companies. Hence, we save you from the hassle of having to deal directly with them. Call us today at 209-869-3545 to set up a fee estimate!

Jayco Had Heavy Collision Damage

This Jayco had heavy collision damage throughout the entire vechile. We replaced the rear cap, front fender and door and repainted to look brand new.

Matched The Color Perfectly

This Excursion had damage to the rear and a bent rear post. We repaired the cap, fabricated a new compartment door and matched the color perfectly.

Custom Fabricated The Grill

This Sea View had heavy impact damage. We fabricated a mold in order to build a new front bumper and fender as well as custom fabricated the grill.

PWC – We Repair All Types

Our expert technicians do superb repairs on all brands and models of P.W.C. These include but are not limited to Wave Runner’s, Sea-Doo’s, and Jet Ski’s. We do repairs on stand up models, sit down, and multi-person models. We guarantee you customer satisfaction. Our technicians are experts in the most current fiberglass repair techniques and proudly stand by their work. Pick up your phone and call us now for a free estimate. We can be contacted via phone 209-869-5345 or email at . Smooth as Glass works closely with many insurance companies; we are also a direct repair facility for select insurance companies.

Metal Flake Repair

It is our motto that you should never give up the things you enjoy and love. Hence, we are committed to ensuring that you’ll receive nothing but complete satisfaction from our restoration work on your fiberglass boat. Our biggest reward is your satisfaction! Smooth as Glass does brilliant repair on any type of damages to your metal flake. These range from simple metal flake repairs to more serious damage caused by collisions or the wear and tear of time and natural forces. Although at times the damage to your fiberglass boat may seem to be self-repairable, we advise you to seek the assistance of our expert technicians. This is because on many occasions damage that appears to be simple on the surface may be much more serious in nature; the opinion of our technicians might make the difference in keeping your boat seaworthy.

Boat Restoration

This was a brand new boat modified for a disabled fisherman. Never give up the things you love!

Fiberglass Boat Repair

No boat owner should to have to deal with damage alone, whether extensive or not, to his/her fiberglass boat. Let our technicians assist you through this stressful and unfortunate time. Our company guarantees a quick and professional repair to your boat regardless of the nature of the damage. We are experts on all types of restoration. Our technicians have years of experience working on fiberglass and gelcoat repair. This Nordic was completely vandalized. It was keyed through eight colors of custom gel coat. We brought it back to BETTER than new with sharper lines and perfect fades. The excellent work of our expert technicians on this Nordic left it looking Absolutely Smooth as Glass.