The Smooth as Glass Story

Collision Repair for Boats and RVs

Smooth as Glass, LLC is a forerunner in the provision of quality boat and RV collision repair with over 17 years of experience. Our primary concern is establishing a continuous specialized performance, generating value for all clients, and the provision of a setting where individual professional development is the basis for company growth. Our technicians are experts in the field of collision repair with years of experience working on the repair and restoration of all types of boats and RVs. We specialize in fiberglass boat repair, gel coat repair, aluminum boat repair, and RV body repair.

Collisions can cause extensive damage to your fiberglass boat. If not properly and professionally repaired, these damages may render your boat useless and unseaworthy in the long run. Smooth as Glass is here to assist you in keeping your boat not only seaworthy but also looking brand new. Collisions are unfortunate and unpleasant yet unavoidable at times. If you are a boat or RV owner and have been the victim of a collision, or need repair done to your RV or boat, you have come to the right website. Our RV body shop offers a wide variety of services that cater for all the repair needs of RV owners. Throughout our years of operation in this particular business industry, Smooth as Glass has amassed an enviable staff of expert technicians who possess knowledge and expertise not easily matched by any of our competitors. Our veteran technicians are dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction. Contact us now and ask for a free estimate. We can be contacted via phone number 209-869-3545 or email address